Aloe Vera: Emergency “I need to Look Good Mask”

SOS  (save our skin) with  the *Emergency  Face Masque*


It happens  sometimes,  too many late nights  or too many early morning,  burning the candle at both ends.     It all shows on the face   and when you need to look good in a hurry  this homemade masque  will give you a quick fix.

When you need your skin to look good  in a hurry.        This is the Emergency  Face Masque

to  give your skin  a Boost and the great thing is you can make it at home.


  •  3 tablespoons   of  Aloe Vera   Juice
  •  1  ripe Banana
  •  1 cup of  Chamomile  Tea (tepid water)
  •  1 cup of Ice Cold Water


  1. Make a cup of Chamomile Tea  with boiled water and allow to cool down until  water is tepid
  2. Mix the aloe  vera juice, banana  and  1 tablespoon of tepid water from the Chamomile tea.
  3.  Place the mixture on the face  and leave for 15minutes
  4.  Remove the masque and rinse the face with Ice Cold Water
  5.  The rest of the Chamomile tea should  now be cool  or cold, so wipe the face with a cotton pad soaked in the cool Chamomile tea.



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