Pollution Shield Skincare: Fighting the Effects of Smog and Saying No To NOx

pollution shield skincareSmog is what happens when Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC),  Nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sunlight come together and it is dangerously hazardous to both your skin and respiratory wellbeing.

Volatile Organic Compounds comprise one or a combination of several chemicals which evaporate (or more correctly become gaseous) when they are exposed to air.  Think of the noxious fumes associated with exhaust fumes, paint, chemical solvents and cleaning products. Many are toxic and have a direct effect on your ability to breath. They are also usually highly damaging to your skin. 

NOx is produced from fossil fuels when superheated. Oxygen and nitrogen do not react at ambient temperatures but undergo an endothermic reaction when heated producing various oxides of nitrogen. Such temperatures arise inside an internal combustion engine, through burning coal or oil in a power station boiler and on any occasion when the combustion of fuel takes place in the presence of air.

In the busy cities particularly of Asia unclean fossil fuel methods used in power, generation, noxious factory smoke from heavy industry and choking fumes from vehicle exhausts combine to create the toxic mix of NOx, VOCs and sunlight which can make short exposure to the fumes dangerous and potentially deadly to people who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies.

All of us are exposed to pollution, whether we live in or close to large metropolitan areas or suffer a reaction to hydrocarbons or agricultural sprays. Even remote areas can suffer as pollution is a global problem as well as a local one. According to researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology pollution from China affects cloud development in the North Pacific and strengthens extratropical cyclones which move pollutants around the world.

“The skin is our largest organ in the body, and it’s your first barrier to environmental allergens and airborne pollution,” explains Aisha Sethi, M.D., associate professor of dermatology and infectious diseases at the University of Chicago. “There is clear data that airborne particulate matter has an association with more dark spots on your skin and increases in the number of wrinkles.”

Beyond the immediate exposure which can cause rashes, breakouts, dry skin and dullness  pollution has a long and lasting effect. The aging process is sharply accelerated with dry dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots a direct consequence of the pollution and the symptoms people suffer when they have not enjoyed the benefit of clean air.

Many of the chemicals in polluted air are carcinogens and aside from the immediate symptoms of headaches, eye, throat, and nose irritation, long term damage to lungs, kidneys and the central nervous system can result.

Behind the symptoms pollution leads to visibly accelerated ageing by depleting collagen and slowing elastin production. It is collagen and elastin working together that assist in maintaining skin strength, firmness, and shape. Over time natural ageing will deplete the presence of these two key proteins in skin but tests show exposure to atmospheric pollution can rapidly advance the depletion process.

And damage to elastin production is not only damaging to the appearance of the skin. Elastin is found in artery walls, in the lungs, in the intestines and is critical to the expansion and contraction process which is at the core of human life, whether in the digestion of food, breathing or pumping the blood around the human body.

Puraglow skin care products counter the invisible attack pollutants make on your immune system protecting you from the effects of emissions, poisons and contaminants that dull your hair and may cause hyper-pigmentation of your skin and stipple your complexion with fine lines.

The Puraglow Pollution Shield Skincare range is specifically designed to counter the effects of toxins that many of us encounter as a result of urban living. The range’s specific formulation includes natural products which combine to both prevent skin damage caused by pollution and rectify the skin damage pollution has caused.

Puraglow founder Lesley Wall  has specifically designed our products to counteract pollutants naturally; our Pollution Shield Skincare range firstly acts as a barrier to pollutants reaching your skin; but products within the range are also high in antioxidants and have a balancing effect on your skin’s oil levels, gently cleansing and protecting and moisturising while fighting the direct effects of pollutants by normalising your skin’s natural pH.

Puraglow natural skin products use the Power of Nature and knowledge amassed over centuries to formulate Skin Care Products  which shield the skin from the harmful pollution while feeding it with natural nutrients to counter its effects.



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