Rosacea: Treating using Natural Homemade DIY Skin Care Recipes


DIY treatments to ease rosacea

A lot of DIY skin care advice given online is ill-conceived—and some of it could be damaging. If you choose to treat your Rosacea yourself you should avoid any harsh ingredients and excesses of heat and cold in either application or rinsing clean (if necessary) afterwards.

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Honey Mask

honey maskHoney is not a vegan product so is not included an an ingredient in the Puraglow range but if you are not vegan it is an excellent ingredient to use in your home made DIY skin care preparations.

Raw honey is great for your skin because of its antibacterial properties and high level of skin boosting skin-saving antioxidants.

Applying honey as a mask is easy if messy, but will leave your skin clean and fresh:


1 tablespoon of clear honey


Use a clean make up brush to apply the honey to your clean, dry skin. Leave the honey on for 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Chamomile Facial Toner

Chamomile makes a great facial toner which is both soothing and gentle and hence particularly beneficial to people with Rosacea. This toner is mild enough to be used every day. There is no preservative in this toner but it is very inexpensive to make so make fresh and often. If you do keep it, it should be kept covered or in a bottle and discarded and made fresh after a week at most.


1 Chamomile tea bag
50ml of boiling water


Boil  water and pour over tea bag. Leave to cool—hot/warm liquids should be avoided if you suffer from Rosacea.  Remove tea bag when cold and use as a toner.  

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