Facial Oils: How to Use Them and How to Buy Them

Essential oils penetrate the skin tissue, hydrating and plumping it from within to provide immediate and obvious skin improvement.

But to get the full benefits of Essential Oils it’s important you use them correctly to get the maximum effect: more is less and less is more; too much oil will saturate the tissue and sit on the top of the skin making it look oily.

Our founder Lesley Wall’s guidance for using Essential Oils is simple:

  1. use only 3 drops of essential oils and distribute them across the whole of your face—they will quickly soak into your skin leaving it deeply hydrated and soft;
  2. essential oils make a great primer so use them before you use creams and your make up will glide on;
  3. it doesn’t matter what type of skin you have!—feeding your skin with very limited amounts essential oils of benefits all skin types,  including oily; they firm, hydrate, plump, moisturise, nourish and feed your skin—while their glorious smell is both mood enhancing and helps build your confidence.

How to choose Essential Oils

Pure Natural Oils, organic and with no preservatives

Because of the way essential oils are produced it is vital you use only good natural quality oils which are organically produced and contain no preservatives.

Essential Oils are made through a distillation process which concentrates the essence of the plant into the oil that is produced meaning all the goodness and beneficial qualities of the plant are contained in every tiny drop. But if pollutants are present or sprays are used they will be concentrated too. Organic production minimises exposure to pesticides and sets higher standards for manufacture which prohibits use of synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

Buy little and often…

Natural oils do not keep forever so it is better to buy smaller amounts of natural oils often and choose Pure Natural Oils which contain no synthetic preservatives.

Synthetic Ingredients cause most skin problems and can cause a reaction. But natural products can cause a reaction too, particularly cheaper carrier oils derived from soy and wheat which can be used to dilute essential oils (and dilute their effectiveness too).

Essential Oils should be supplied in small dark coloured bottles and preferably stored in a dark place as they degrade if exposed to light.

Well produced Pure Essential Oils are and should be expensive but if you follow Lesley’s three drops only advice they are extremely economical to use and should be an essential part of your daily routine.

Puraglow’s Pure Essential Oils are highly beneficial natural skin care ingredients which are produced in a way which is environmentally friendly and ethical. All our oils are 100% pure, organic and vegan. They do not contain wheat, soy or any preservatives. With the exception of Sweet Almond Oil our oils are nut free.


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