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Fennel  the  Fantastic    Face  Tonic  for Oily Skin.

Fennel was traditionally used to help with obesity due to its diuretic properties  and is still listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.  Fennel  is anti-imflammatory,  antimicrobial, antiseptic  so it is perfect to balance Oily Skin  as well as keeping the skin clean and fresh  (no breakouts)

Make your Own  Facial Toner  and be delighted with the results,  Save your Skin and Save your Money.

So  very easy


1   x   Fennel Tea Bag

1   x  Cup  of Water


Boil some water and pour over the fennel tea bag,   allow the tea  to become cold.  When cold, pour the mixture into  a spritzer bottle  using a funnel.    This mixture will keep for only 1 week as there is no preservative.

To use the Toner

You can use this as a face fresher   by  simply spritzing over the face when needed.  Or soak two cotton pads with the mixture and gently wipe over the face after cleansing.


That´s it   so very easy  and so very gentle.



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