Happy Holi! But here’s how to protect your skin against permanent dyes and clean it afterwards…

Holi colours at Hindu spring festival

Holi is the Hindu Festival of Colours or Celebration of Love and comes around each spring with very gaudy, very big splash of colour in India and Nepal—and is equally celebrated by their expatriate communities around the world.

Holi 2017 takes place on 13th March and is a great-fun celebration which we highly recommend attending if an event is taking place near you. Three pieces of advice though: never wear your best or favourite clothes unless you want them changed forever; wear sunglasses to protect your eyes; and protect your skin…

Traditional Holi may have involved natural colours made from herbs and flowers but modern day Holi colours are rarely produced naturally: think bright and probably noxious, rather than wholesome and organic…

The best natural protection against noxious, often toxic chemical dyes comes from a liberal application of natural coconut oil to your arms, hands, face and neck beforehand. Rubbing it through your hair will also help.

Coconut oil is particularly good because it acts as an effective barrier; it doesn’t readily rub off or evaporate; and it doesn’t let the dye get through to harm your skin or change your hair colour.

Prevention should mean the colours don’t damage or colour set on your skin but Puraglow’s Lesley Wall also suggests using coconut oil to clean your skin and return you to your natural skin shade after the celebrations are over:

  1. Wipe your skin with cotton wool, towelette or soft cloth to remove any excess as soon as you get home.
  2. Oil clears oil so apply another layer of liberal coating of coconut oil to your still coloured skin. Wrap your head in a warm towel and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Rinse your skin  with warm water and wipe clean with a soft towel. Repeat if necessary.

Do you have your own recipes for DIY skin care you want to share? Write to me at natasha@puraglow.com (or message me @natasha if you are a site member).


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