Our Nilotic Fruit Butter is Ugandan Gold – perfect for your skin care regime and highly beneficial for the communities which produce it

Nilotic Fruit Butter is made from the nut of the tree Vitellaria Nilotica and is known as “The Secret Fruit of the Nile”. It is the rarer East African cousin of West Africa’s common Vitellaria Paradoxa tree, the source of  Shea Butter, much favoured in skin care products. Nilotica trees are slow growing and take 40 years before they produce a commercial crop; but when they do begin to produce their Nilotic Gold, as the crop is known locally, they can remain productive for centuries. Vitellaria Nilotica are far less numerous than the more common Vitellaria Paradoxa, the shea tree of West Africa, but they thrive in the Nile basin and particularly in Uganda which has some of the richest tropical soils in the world.

Quite simply this rarer Fruit Butter is of the highest quality which other similar shea products can never attain. The American Shea Butter Institute  (ASBI) classifies the various butters according to quality, texture, contents and creaminess: Nilotic is invariably rated as ‘A-Grade  Quality’, when West African Shea typically grades ‘C-Grade Quality’ or worse.

Known as Shea Butter Nilotica by the ASBI, and Kummara in the Nilotic language, a quick comparison quickly demonstrates the superiority of Nilotic Fruit Butter over shea: Nilotic is much creamier with a naturally soft texture and hence the skin absorbs its rich moisturisers and skin protectants much more quickly; it does not go hard nor develop the crystalline leaves of semi-solid fat or hardness to which the West African version is prone.

These superior qualities of Nilotic Fruit Butter are reinforced by tests in the laboratory: both Nilotic and common shea comprise a blend of Natural Fatty Acids to which Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid contribute the largest concentrations. But Nilotic has much higher levels of Oleic and Stearic Acid when compared to common shea; and it is the presence of these fatty acids in abundance that give Nilotic its ultra smooth, velvety, silky, light, creamy natural ‘whipped-cream’ texture.

Both Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid offer vital benefits in skin care, especially as they are delivered in abundance in a wholly natural product like Nilotic that is readily absorbed into the skin: Stearic Acid is a healing component, which helps ease visible signs of ageing, reduces visible wrinkles, is an excellent treatment for acne, as well as aiding the healing process of cracked or cut skin, insect bites, burns and discolouring.

Perfect as an emollient, gentle enough to be a babycare product it is rich in Phytonutrients it has an antioxident profile similar to that of Green Tea.

Tests show that when Nilotic Fruit Butter is applied to the skin its presence persists as a moisturiser for three days. Puraglow founder Lesley Wall believes that all these qualities combine to make it the almost perfect skincare product:  full of naturally-occurring highly beneficial substances, no added water, no added chemicals, organically grown, pure and vegan, and—as Ugandans can attest—good enough to eat.

Nilotic™ Products

Puraglow has partnered with women’s groups in Uganda and a marketing team in the USA to sell Nilotic Fruit Butter across our distribution network in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as both a brand in its own right and an ingredient in other natural skin care products.

Original Nilotic  Crème is available both in its natural form or lightly fragranced with 100% natural cold-pressed fruit-derived oils. Each pack is made from natural bamboo carved with the Nilotic Mark. The Nilotic Fruit Butter itself is contained insde the bamboo packaging in a recyclable hygenic container. Products will be available for purchase from the Puraglow store from the end of March 2017 and from our agents and retail outlets from mid-April.

In addition Puraglow’s Lesley Wall is working to formulate a branded skincare range which will strongly  feature Nilotic Fruit Butter as an ingredient. Sign up to our newsletters for the latest information.

Nilotic™ TREEE Program

All sales of Nilotic™ Fruit Butter sold by Puraglow have a social element which benefits women’s groups and communities in Uganda which harvest and process our product. All funds go direct to the Program with do deductions for administration.

The TREEE programme combines replanting and education, building up the future resource of Vitellaria Nilotica trees, replacing bamboo we use in our packaging and supplementary planting of Moringa trees which is highly beneficial to nutrition and the West Nile area economy.

For each customer order received the TREEE program will plant:

  • 1 x Vitellaria Nilotica Tree;
  • 1 x Bamboo Tree; and
  • 1 x Moringa Tree;

In addition your purchase will pay for three weeks schooling for an underprivileged child in Uganda who would not otherwise be able to get education.

A Message from from George “Nes” Stanley Nsamba, Nilotic Partner and Ugandan Film Director:

Read about George “Nes” Stanley Nsamba on Wikipedia

Dear Customers,

Thanks you so much for supporting Nilotic, AEE Church of Uganda and Ghetto Film Project with our tree and school programs.

Your support and love, just as the consumers of our country’s secret miracle Fruit Butter, is truly breathtaking.

You choose the pure, cruelty free, socially conscious and Ugandan option to Skincare, rather than the artificial and egocentric French skincare option, usually backed by a celebrity or someone in a white coat.

Nilotic is our culture, our Women have used this gift on their skin for centuries to wondrous results, and now it is helping to drive community, nutritional and women empowerment.

We thank you for being part of this movement, and for helping to get our children a formal education.

We are truly blessed with the world’s best customers.


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