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Your skin is your largest organ and is at immediate risk from chemicals applied or rubbed into it. Puraglow produces skincare products that work which use the power of plants and nature. All Puraglow products are made fresh and organically from pure and natural ingredients using no artificial fragrances, artificial colours, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

Our plant-sourced ingredients are GM-free and cultivated and produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, pesticides or subjected to any unnatural process. Any fragrances used in our products are from natural plant oils. We do not use any ingredients derived from animals and our products are never tested on animals. We do not use silicon oil or silicon derivatives or any parabens or phthalates.  All our products are guaranteed gluten and cereal grain free and do not contain extracts or derivatives of cereal grain products.

We use some pure natural earth minerals in some of our products, including kaolin (white clay), zinc and magnesium which have been proven effective in skin care preparations for centuries.

Our products, ingredients and entire supply chain is audited to comply with the most rigorous organic standards.

All ingredients in all our products are detailed on our product web pages and on our product packaging.  If you have any questions regarding ingredients in any of our products please write to us at

Puraglow Values, Policies and Ingredients

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