Halal Compliant

To make our products Halal, Puraglow has built its entire supply chain including handling, packaging, storage, distribution and labelling to meet Halal criteria. All our skin care and beauty products conform to Halal requirements and are entirely free from haram ingredients;  they are GM free and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates.

Halal is an Arabic term used to describe items that comply with Islamic law in their preparation making them acceptable for Muslims to consume and use,  Most westerners associate Halal with food and beverages but Halal applies to all aspects of life for practitioners of the Islamic faith, including use of pharmaceuticals, personal care, skincare and hair care products.

British, European and American Muslims and people living in countries in the Middle East and Asia enjoy growing affluence and consumers are demanding higher quality products which specifically meet Halal requirements. The younger Muslim population who are better educated and have more awareness and empowerment are also looking for products which share values they associate with Halal, including social responsibility and care with regard to the environment.

All processes and ingredients need to adhere to certain Halal rules. Personal care products which come into contact with alcohol and its derivatives are considered as non-halal products. That includes the preparation and cleaning process: many cleaning products contain alcohol and cannot be used in Halal production.

Our pure natural earth minerals , including kaolin (white clay), zinc and magnesium are fully Halal compliant and have been proven effective in skin care preparations for centuries.

All ingredients in all our products are detailed on our product web pages and on our product packaging.  If you have any questions regarding ingredients in any of our products please write to us at support@puraglow.com

Puraglow Values, Policies and Ingredients

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