Tested on Us, Never on Animals

Puraglow guarantees that neither its products nor any of the ingredients we use are tested on animals. We have gone to exceptional lengths to ensure our entire supply chain is cruelty-free. Instead our range is fully and extensively tested on ourselves: Puraglow staff and representatives use our products on a daily basis and no new products are released before they are extensively trialled on humans.

We will not work with any supplier which participates in animal testing whether on our products or for those they supply to other companies. All our suppliers share a common ethos with us that neither our products nor any of the ingredients they produce for us should be used to cause harm to a creature.

Puraglow skincare products are made from plant extracts and natural minerals. They are vegan and contain no animal derived materials or products. Our plant-based and mineral ingredients have been proven over centuries to provide safe and effective skin treatments.

All ingredients in all our products are detailed on our product web pages and on our product packaging.  If you have any questions regarding ingredients in any of our products please write to us at  support@puraglow.com

Puraglow Values, Policies and Ingredients

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