Palm Oil Free, Rainforest Friendly

Although Puraglow believes in the power of plants, the commercial cultivation of the African oil palm tree around the world has led to the devastation of rainforests and a massive loss in biodiversity. Palm oil is widely used in cosmetics and food production because it is both cheap and readily available.

But 85% of palm oil is currently grown under what mainly comprise clear-fell plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia and the World Wildlife Fund estimates the global loss of rainforest in favour of oil palm cultivation is taking place at the rate of approximately 300 football pitched every hour. A third of Indonesia’s mammal species are now endangered as a direct result of oil palm cultivation and 90% of the habitat of the orangutan habitat has been destroyed over the last 20 years.

The burning of the forests alone is an ecological disaster with ancient trees dropped and torched where they lie, often igniting the peat accumulated on the forest floor and releasing carbon dioxide to the upper atmosphere. Native plant species have been annihilated and entire habitats in which plants, animals and insects have developed and thrived over millennia have been wiped out.

Attempts have been made to promote schemes which promote the development of sustainable oil palm (RSPO) production but there appears to be considerable fraud as to sources. For this reason Puraglow does not currently use palm oil or its derivatives as an ingredient in any of our products.

We are currently monitoring the development of High Conservation Value African oil palm schemes we feel we may be able to support in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, in the Sundaic lowland forest of the Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar and the Upper Guinean lowland forest of Liberia but at this time Puraglow skincare products are entirely palm oil free.

All ingredients in all our products are detailed on our product web pages and on our product packaging.  If you have any questions regarding ingredients in any of our products please write to us at

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