Raven Herbal Hair Rinse * Vegan * Beauty

Styling the Hair  can make us look good but it can make it damaged and dry.         Have you ever thought about using a Hair Rinse,  they are worth it as it is the equivalent of using a facial toner on the face.   A rinse removes any traces of shampoo  and leaves the hair healthy and shining.

Also Sage  stimulates hair growth  and acts as a scalp tonic.


100ml  of Cider Vinegar

100ml  of Cold Black Tea

3  dried  Sage Leaves

7  drops of Lavender essential oil  (or your favourite oil)


Place the vinegar, cold tea and sage in a large jar  with lid and allow it to infuse  for 5 days,  occasionally shaking the jar to assist in the infusion.   Filter the mixture with a coffee filter and pour into a bottle,  add the essential oils and shake.

To Use

Add two tablespoons  to a jug of warm water and use as a final rinse of the hair after washing.



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